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The City of Fort Atkinson invoices for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities. Utility bills are rendered bi-monthly and become due and payable within 20 days. A late payment charge of 3% but not less than $.50 will be added to bills not paid within 20 days of issuance. This one-time 3% late payment charge will be applied only to any unpaid balance for the current billing period's usage. Any unpaid balance on November 15th of each year will be placed on the tax roll and become a lien against the property. (Failure to receive bill does not exempt customer from penalty.)

Meter Reading
Meter readers read residential meters in the City of fort Atkinson every month. A-Zone (north of the river) and B-Zone (south of the river).

Since residential consumption may increase in the summer months due to lawn watering or filling of swimming pools, etc. a summer credit is given on the sewer portion of the bill.

North/Zone A
Summer Credit: From read date in May thru read date in September.
Billing Months: January, Mary, May, July, September and November. The summer credit is calculated based on the March usage.

South/Zone B
Summer Credit: From read date in April thru read date in August.
Billing Months: February, April, June, August, October and December. The summer credit is calculated based on the February usage.


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