The owner of each parcel, vacant or occupied, shall be responsible for removing all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated upon the full width of the sidewalk in front of the premises, including corner walk openings, which he/she owns no later than 24 hours after the snowfall has ceased to fall or accumulate. Provided that when ice has so formed upon any sidewalk that it cannot be removed, the owner shall be responsible for effectively keeping the same sprinkled with sand, salt or other suitable substance in such manner as to prevent the ice from being dangerous, until such time as it can be removed, and then it shall be promptly removed. Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be subject to section 1-10 of the City Ordinances.

The Police Department will enforce this ordinance with regular inspections of sidewalks in school areas, the Central Business District and anywhere citizen complaints identify an un-cleared sidewalk or corner walk opening. Notices will be given to require he property owner to clear the walk within a given time period. After that time frame, fines may be levied and the Public Works Department will be requested to clean the walk. Costs of this Public Works operation will be charged to the property owner in addition to any fines. Costs incurred will then be assessed as a special assessment to the property taxes. It is also illegal to redeposit snow from a sidewalk into the street.



2019 Annual Report