Lock Your Cars, Secure Your Homes and be Suspicious of Things that don’t look right!   Community Wide vigilance is essential!

Over the past few weeks multiple home burglaries and car entries have occurred in Jefferson County. Multiple burglaries occurred across multiple jurisdictions in our area in the past 12 hours. Last night these criminals entered the City of Fort Atkinson and burglarized 2 homes and stole vehicles as a part of this crime spree. A large number of these burglaries occurred because unlocked vehicles in the driveway of the homes contained a garage door opener. A button push away from full access to a home! This garage access revealed an unlocked door to the inside of the home and while homeowners slept peacefully in their beds, burglars took full advantage by stealing valuables.

Our agency has increased patrols and officers on the streets in response to these crimes. We are working hard to identify and arrest those responsible. But we really need the help of all our community members moving forward. We as a team all play a part in securing our community and preventing crime.  We are asking all homeowners and property owners to do the following things moving forward:

Lock your car doors!

  1. Valuables kept in your vehicle should be stored out of sight or remove them from your vehicle altogether.
  2. Consider removing your garage door opener from your vehicle while its parked overnight in your driveway or put it in an out of sight location in your car.
  3. Lock your home at night. All doors and windows. Even the one inside your closed garage.
  4. If you see something, Say something!  Report suspicious activity to the police. If you see someone or something that doesn’t look right, please call us so we can take action. Suspicious people, suspicious vehicles or if it just doesn’t look right. Its your neighborhood and community. Who know best   what is out of the ordinary! Your our neighborhood subject matter experts.        

We really need your help to maintain and improve the safety of our City. Our officers can’t be everywhere and see/hear everything. We have always and will continue to need your help to keep our Fort safe! Please stand beside us as we work to keep our city and its community members safe and secure. Our partnership is the key to success!

Please share this post with everyone you know. Help us get the word out! If you see something, say something!      https://www.facebook.com/FortPD1/ 



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