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With the 2020 Street Program in full effect, we figured it’s time for an update.

Concrete removals and placement of stone base wrapped up last week in anticipation of concrete placement beginning today that will likely span the entire week. Asphalt milling is expected to begin on Tuesday, September 1st, and pavement placing should occur shortly thereafter. We are hopeful this portion of the 2020 paving project will come to a conclusion in the coming weeks, weather pending.

We feel it is of very real importance to keep the community informed about our infrastructure, and this includes any change in plans that occur along the way. Due to budget constraints in an effort to ensure the roads being repaired this season will be up to standard and in good condition for years to come, North 4th Street will no longer be undergoing construction this season. Although it was not an easy decision, we would rather do a great job on a few streets than a mediocre job on all.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with our crews as they are hard at work. Stay tuned for more updates on the final stages!


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