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Electronics/Appliance/Lawn Equipment Recycling – Saturday, March 27th from 10-noon at Jefferson Fair Park.
There are certain fees (cash only) for recycling TVs ($35) and computer monitors ($10). All other appliances/electronics/lawn equipment are free to dispose of.

Clean Sweep for Hazardous Household Waste – Friday, April 9th from 3:00-5:30 and Saturday, April 10th from 8-10AM at Jefferson Fair Park.
Pre-registration is required for this event!! Call 920-674-7430 to register.
$10 fee per car (cash only). Tire recycling will also be available – certain cash fees also apply.

Additional information can found on our website or by calling 920-674-7430.

At both events, we are asking participants to:

  1. Have smaller items gathered a cardboard box or a box they do not need back for easy unloading
  2. Have all items in the trunk of their car or truck bed to limit contact
  3. Remain in their car during unloading
  4. If payment is required, please wear a mask and have exact cash amount, if possible


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