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Any individual on behalf of themself or a business must first register with the City Clerk and obtain a Direct Seller Permit prior to visiting residential properties to sell products or goods.

What are your rights if you have a solicitor at your door?
1. You can visit, learn about the product and consider purchasing. You do not have to let the individual in your home.
2. You can ask them to leave and not return.
3. Always ask to see their Direct Seller Permit. This is a permit issued by the City Clerk on buff colored paper that features the City of Fort Atkinson logo and bears the City Clerk's signature.
4. They cannot call upon your rear door or windows.
5. They cannot call between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am.

Municipal Building - City Clerk (920) 563-7760
Police Department - (920) 563-7777


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