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Rebecca Houseman LeMire
City Manager

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This initiative will draw on activities and methods from a draft UW Extension Publication entitled, “Principles and Practice of Community Placemaking”, (by Steve Grabow, May 1, 2015). Four activities were identified for this initiative including:

A. Learning and General Awareness of Principles

F. Community Evaluation/Assessment with Principles as Criteria

G. Narrative Visioning: Creating a Narrative Vision for Desired Community Characteristics

H. Image and Visual Preferences: Creating Participatory Concept Maps/Visions

The general formatting of workshops was discussed. It is expected that five workshops will be a part of this process. An overview of the types of workshops or work sessions associated each of the four activities are described in the Extension Publication. In addition, the Core Group agreed to these general ideas for the workshops:

Workshop 1: A larger community presentation (PowerPoint) on the principles of placemaking (Activity A). An evaluation/assessment tool will be distributed and filled out by participants. Dialogue around the tool will

generate discussion on areas in which the City is strong and the areas needing improvement or addressing (Activity F). Two dates for this workshop were placed on hold---Monday November 16 and Monday November 30. (2 hours)

Workshops 2 and 3: The “steering committee” will be convened for these two workshops. This two-part workshop series will involve developing a set of narrative vision statements about the desirable characteristics of what a high quality and successful Fort Atkinson would look like. Ideas will be generated and shared at the first workshop and the “agreed-upon” or “consensus vision sketch” will be determined at the second workshop (Activity G). (2 hours each workshop)

[Optional Activity-If a motivated sub-committee or work group is interested, a photographic image exercise could be added. This would involve the selection of photographic images that help to illustrate principles that could be featured in Fort Atkinson---See Activity D. Creating the Foundations for Community Visioning Through Imagery].

Workshop 4: A larger community forum will result in participatory concept maps and graphic visions. This exercise will be led by UW Extension Land Use and Community Development Specialist Todd Johnson from UW River Falls. While this workshop is still under design, the Core Group talked about the possibility of having two sets of concept drawings---one set for “downtown” and one set for the overall community. Multiple break-out groups will be assembled for this exercise (example: 4 groups of 6 working on downtown concepts and 4 groups of 6 working on the overall community). Participants will be guided with instructions and a “Symbol and Mapping” key with icons and color coding. Compilation of the concept maps and graphic visions will be assembled by UW Extension Specialist Todd Johnson. (3 hours)

Workshop 5: The “steering committee” will convene to identify its findings and areas of emphasis from the previous four workshops. The outline of the final documents will be reviewed. A follow-up presentation by the Steering Committee to the community will comprise an implementation activity of this initiative, and will be outlined at this workshop. (2 hours)


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