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My vehicle is not kept in the City of Fort Atkinson, why did I receive this fee?

What vehicles are subject to a wheel tax?

What vehicles are exempt from this fee?

What determines whether a vehicle is customarily kept in a municipality or county?

Are estimates of the number of vehicles subject to a wheel tax within a county or municipality available?

When is the fee charged?

What are the administrative costs associated with a wheel tax?

When are fees collected from the payment of wheel tax disbursed to the municipality?

How long after enactment can this fee be collected by WisDOT?

What is the policy for exemptions, refunds or proration?

Can the revenues received from wheel tax payments be used for any purpose?

If a county has a wheel tax in effect, can a municipality within that county also enact a wheel tax ordinance?

What registration fee is collected for vehicles subject to wheel tax?

Which other counties or municipalities have enacted a wheel tax and what is/was the amount of the fee?


2019 Annual Report